• Turmeric - 6 Pack

Turmeric Supplement*

Don’t be fooled by my spicy side; I bring cooling and soothing sweetness. I thrive on making tired, sore muscles happy again.

Chocolate with benefits™: 

  • Each order consists of 6 8-piece boxes of chocolates
  • 400 mg of turmeric per serving
  • the perfect blend of sugar and spice
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • Made with Fair Trade dark chocolate

How much Turmeric do you need?

No guessing games here. You control your Turmeric quotient!

4 pieces per serving. Do not exceed more than 2 boxes daily, consumed several hours apart.


Cool It

Root of Relief

Soothe Operator

Feel What Burn?

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$17.99 for 6-Pack

  • GDC428

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