• Probiotic - 12 Pack
  • Probiotic - 12 Pack

Probiotic Supplement*

Digestion issues are a drag. We’ve got you covered. Each piece contains Fair-Trade dark chocolate and 1 billion probiotic bacteria. One box contains 8 billion probiotic bacteria! Your tummy will thank you.

Chocolate with benefits™: 

  • Each order consists of 12 8-piece boxes of chocolates
  • Promotes digestive health with 1 Billion CFU per piece (8 Billion CFU per box)!
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Candy coated for convenience (colors come from fruits & veggies)

How much Probiotic do I need? 

4 pieces per serving. Do not exceed more than 2 boxes daily, consumed several hours apart.

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$36.99 for 12-Pack

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