We are supplement geeks with a chocolate obsession.
After years of research and development, here’s why we chose chocolate!

Chocolate Is A Real, Whole Food

Chocolate is a whole food with natural healthful benefits. In chocolate, the sugar is combined with fat, which helps the body metabolize sugar in a more productive/less harmful way, mitigating sugar and insulin spikes. From a metabolic perspective, our bodies digest sugar more effectively when other nutrients such as fat or protein are present. Chocolate also contains proven health benefits like flavonoids and xanthines – compounds that are antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory.

Chocolate Tastes Delicious

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! It’s the universally loved treat! The taste, the euphoria, the indulgence. Plus, we only use premium, high-quality, Fair-Trade dark and milk chocolate that is sourced responsibly.

Chocolate Is Effective Delivery Format For Vitamins & Supplements

Chocolate is one of the most effective delivery systems for vitamins & supplements as shown by ongoing research.1 We’re also thrilled to say that the Pediatric Research Department at UCSF (#1 pediatric research facility in the country) is currently including Good Day Chocolate Sleep in a clinical study of headaches and migraines in children. More on that soon!