Free Shipping to Contiguous U.S. If You Spend $75 or More!
Free Shipping to Contiguous U.S. If You Spend $75 or More!

I’m in LOVE with these Energy Chocolates!!! They are perfect to grab on the go and a great excuse to eat chocolate! I’m so thankful I will never have to choke down another 5-Hour Energy again. This is definitely my new go-to energy boost product!
- Melissa V.

I am loving the Chocolate with Energy. I feel like I get my 'ahhh moment' when I bite into it and love the subtle realization that I'm still going strong during times I normally would have faded by. It's an excellent new addition to my day!
-Sarah B.

Crazy for your chocolate!! I love them! You know what I'm using the Calm for? I find that I get these crazy chocolate cravings that actually make me anxious - so I pop one or two of yours and then I get my chocolate and calm down so I don't feel like I need to raid the candy drawer!
- Jessica H.

Wow! You guys are great. I have a 17 month old and always feel rushed and stressed. I held on to my sample box (of Calm) like it was gold and last night had no more self control. And I was in shock how great I felt! I really love the product.
- Lisa S.

I was a skeptic when I first saw the Good Day Chocolates so I really put them to the test.  I'm extremely anxious when I travel and have to take my RX of Lorazepam...every time I fly. The drug tends to makes me tired so I feel sluggish the rest of the day. It's a big problem especially if I have to drive when I reach my destination, I can't take it then and I suffer through my flight.  I took the Calm chocolates on my 6 flights this past summer. The results were amazing not only did they work but I didn't get sleepy at all!  I'd get off the plane happy and ready to go! I can honestly say I actually look forward to flying now! I've also used them for procedures that can be a little tense like the dentist, again it was like magic. I felt calm and in control. Not to mention they taste great!
- Laura T.