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Buzz Feed - September 2020

28 Sleep Upgrades That'll Be Way Cheaper Than A New Mattress

22. Good Day chocolate melatonin supplements that'll be a natural (and delicious!) way to get your body ready for slumber. This is a fave of my colleague Emma McAnaw. Here's her ~glowing~ review: "This has saved my tired butt so many times from sleepless nights. You can take one to four, depending on how much help you need to fall asleep. One will help you relax, but I usually take three to just knock me right out. I typically don't like to take things like melatonin, because I feel pretty woozy the next day, but these taste just like a chocolate dessert and leave no nasty hangover. Plus, they're all-natural! They're just 1 mg of melatonin and chamomile — kind of like a super-strong glass of warm milk lol."

Get a bottle of 80 from Amazon for $28.99.

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The Dieline - August 2020

How Moxie Sozo And Good Day Chocolate Carved Out A Space In The Supplement Category

Chocolate is an indulgence. Even a small bite or a square from a bar can brighten your mood for no other reason than it tastes delectable. But what is chocolate when it can do more than that—when it’s packed with added benefits and still tastes great?

Well, that might look a little something like Good Day Chocolate.

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Forbes - December 2019

Food Startups Reinventing Nostalgic Confectionery Snacks Gain Steam Among Private Investors

As plant-based, keto, and dairy-free continue to be the top buzz words in the food industry throughout 2019, entrepreneurs who are reinventing nostalgic sweet snacks with a healthy and clean twist are also increasingly attracting private capital...

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HuffPost - November 2019

The Best Gifts To Get Someone Who Really Needs To Relax

Stress and anxiety are no joke. While we all deal with stressful moments, like preparing for a big project at work or moving into a new home, for some people, living with anxiety is an ongoing part of their daily lives.

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The Wall Street Journal - May 2019

How to A Late-Night Snack to Help You Snooze? 

More foods are pitching themselves as healthier nightfare, and some even suggestthey can help you sleep...

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Travel + Leisure - February 2019

How to Use Sleep Aids to Avoid Jet Lag 

Sleep is a precious commodity on normal days, and even moreso on the road. It may be hard to make it to the office after a bad night, but it’s even harder to go from sunrise to sunset among the temples of Angkor if you’ve already been up for three hours...

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Nutritional Outlook - November 2018

Which are key children’s health markets?
Supplements and oral health.

Children are still a niche audience within the food and drink market. Innova Market Insights data indicate that just 2.5% of U.S. food and drink launches in the 12 months ending April 2018 targeted children. Many products widely consumed by children are instead marketed with a more general family-friendly positioning...

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The San Diego Union-Tribune - July 2018

Chocolate with benefits 
The pick: Good Day Chocolate nutritional supplements

Why they rate: “Chocolate with benefits” is the slogan for Good Day Chocolate, which offers a fun way to get some nutritional health benefits in a “pill” that looks like a supersized M&M. Founded by a doctor, the company uses pharmaceutical-grade nutrients and fair trade dark chocolate or milk chocolate. The Energy variety has caffeine extracted...

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Women's Running Magazine - June 2018

Get your gut health back on track with these probiotic products

Gastrointestinal issues are a common problem for runners, but your gut flora do more than affect your trips to the bathroom. “A healthy gut can improve digestion, boost the immune system and positively impact mood,” says Marni Sumbal, R.D., a board-certified sports dietitian and triathlon coach in Greenville, S.C. “A healthy gut will make for a happy runner….

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Los Angeles Times - March 21st, 2017

Can you snack your way to a healthier brain?

Brain fog? There's no shortage of new products claiming to boost mental energy, sharpen focus and improve concentration. There are even a couple of intriguing options to power up that morning coffee. Good Day Energy Chocolates are the brainchild of entrepreneur Simeon Margolis and Dr. Andrew Goldman, who started researching how to provide….

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TIME - April 29, 2018

People Who Eat More Chocolate Are Less Stressed, According to Science

The first human trials favor dark chocolate consumption for more than just stress. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing that eating dark chocolate has some healthy perks, but this is the first time the effects of dark chocolate have been tested on people—and we like what researchers discovered…..

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