Chocolate with Benefits!

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Who doesn’t love chocolate?! The taste, the euphoria, the indulgence! We make mouth-watering candy-coated chocolate pieces, so your tongue never knows that we pack them with benefits.


With 1mg each, you get to control your snooze level.


Wow! 2 Cups of coffee in every box!


L-Theanine is the #1 supplement therapists recommend for anxiety. 


Keep your tummy happy. 8 billion probiotics per box.


Supports healthy joints, muscles and nervous system function

Introducing Good Day Chocolate for Kids

Founded by a doctor. Tested by parents.

Multivitamin for Kids*

An alphabet of vitamins!

Sleep for Kids*

Nighty - night sleep tight

Calm for Kids*

Tastier than time out

Probiotic for Kids*

For a happier tummy

The Best Part Is - They Work. No Fairy Dust or Snake Oil Here!

It all started in 2010 when our founder, Andrew Goldman, M.D. began crafting lollipops with functional medicine which led to the idea to create a tasty dietary supplement wrapped in chocolate. Fast forward four years – and a lot of mixing and testing – and Good Day Chocolate was born.

We only use premium, pharmaceutical grade supplements that are responsibly sourced and independently verified for potency three (yes, three!) different times throughout our manufacturing process to ensure that what we put on the box is exactly what’s inside.