About Us

There's a little inspiration in and on every box of Good Day Chocolate®


What does a double board certified medical doctor and surgeon do with his weekends? If you’re Andy, much to the delight of friends and family, you make candy! In 2010, Andy began crafting lollipops with functional doses of common medications in his medical practice. The  idea for more responsibly dosed dietary supplements wasn’t long to follow. Add 4 years of mixing and testing, a life-long friend who happens to be a serial entrepreneur, and you get “chocolate with benefits™!”

Andy and Simeon founded Good Day Chocolate in Boulder Colorado in 2012 after sharing time in Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York City. We’re on a mission to bring delicious, transparent, and inspired relief to all of us who are over-worked, but still kicking butt.


We’ve hand selected all natural, non-gmo, and pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals and mixed them with premium fair trade dark and milk chocolate combinations so you get a natural and easily controllable treat. We’ve taken care to create responsible serving sizes of our benefits so you know just how much you’re getting. Our light candy coating means your pieces are melt resistant, so don’t worry about carrying around in your bag all day to enjoy whenever you need them. We use organic non-gmo sugar and fruit and vegetable concentrates for color. Plus, we couldn’t help it, they’re packaged in limited-edition, addictively-clickable, and perfectly portable boxes loaded with personality and inspiration.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Andy and Simeon