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Variety 4-Pack


32 pieces

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Enjoy each of our most popular “mood foods” - SleepEnergyCalm and Probiotic.

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Can I order this as a gift?
Absolutely! We encourage the one for one model: one for you and one for someone you love!

Can I ship to different addresses in one order?
Yes! Please add the additional address in the order notes on the Cart Page.

Does it come in the blue box?
It sure does! We also offer a custom Travel 4 Pack box and an Athlete 4 Pack box. Don’t forget to check back during the holidays and Valentine’s Day for our special edition variety boxes! 

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Most importantly, we want you to be happy and excited about your Good Day Chocolate! So, if you receive product from us that is damaged or defective, please email with a picture of the product and we’ll replace it ASAP.