• Sleep - 12 Pack
  • Sleep - 12 Pack

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Sleep Supplement*

You've had a long day and you just need some Sleep! Good Day Chocolate Sleep gives you 1mg of melatonin per piece, (maximum dose of 4 pieces) to encourage sleep. It's easy and delicious, we recommend 1 piece as a starting dose an hour before bed, but not if you're driving! Don't forget to brush your teeth and Sweet Dreams!

Chocolate with benefits™: 

  • Each order consists of 12 8-piece boxes of chocolates
  • 1mg melatonin per piece to encourage sleep, try just one, max 4 pieces
  • Take before bed
  • Non-gmo ingredients, all natural colors 
  • Restful sleep in every box

How much SLEEP do you need?

No guessing games here. You control your sleep quotient. 8 pieces per box, 4 pieces max per dose. If used more than 5 consecutive nights, we recommend consulting a physician.

Maybe Enough?

Feeling Rested

Good Night!

Out Like a Light

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