Gigi Says

Sunny Disposition May 24 2017

Oh my what a sunny disposition you have ☀️

Good Day Chocolate Vitamin D3 is your mood-enhancing chocolate supplement. Get ya some:

Manic Monday? May 16 2017

It doesn't have to be another manic Monday 😎

Happy Mother's Day May 14 2017

Mother's Day = Take-A-Load-Off-and-Ask-for-Whatever-You-Want-Day

We hope you take full advantage - you deserve it ❤️ From all of us at Good Day Chocolate, we appreciate you! Happy Mother's Day!

Your New Sidekick! May 03 2017

Your new good mood, immune-boosting sidekick, Good Day Chocolate Vitamin D3 ☀️ 

Girl Boss May 01 2017

The chocolate vitamin supplements that work as hard as you do

Meditated and Calm April 28 2017

Heavily meditated with Good Day Chocolate Calm

Spring Immune Booster at Whole Foods! April 27 2017

Need a little immune booster this spring? Get it from Good Day Chocolate Turmeric!

Chocolate that Believed in Miracles April 25 2017

Good Day Chocolate is chocolate that believed in miracles 💫 

Sale at Whole Foods! June 26 2016

Hey, hey! It's a GOOD day (and month!). Good Day Chocolate is on SALE at Whole Foods Market from now until June 28th!

All Natural Food Coloring June 06 2016

How do our candy coated chocolate supplements get their color? From awesome fruits and veggies of course!


Red cabbage juice creates the purple color for our Calm supplement!

Donut Touch June 03 2016

Happy ‪#‎NationalDonutDay‬! Your Good Day Chocolate just might be safe from your resident office food thief today ; )

Summer Time June 01 2016

The unofficial start of sum-sum-summer time. June, we're happy to see ya! Who's with us?

Happy Memorial Day! May 30 2016

I love this land. Thanks to our armed forces past and present for your service!

Beach Please May 29 2016

The trio is maxin' relaxin' at the beach this ‪#‎MemorialDay‬ weekend. Except for Gigi. She just can't stand still.

Goodnight, Sweetheart. Goodnight. May 23 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning May 22 2016

Spring Sunday mornings are for porch sitting. ‪#‎theGOODlife‬

You're So Wise, Mila... May 20 2016

You're like a miniature Buddha covered in chocolate. 

Work, Work, Work May 17 2016

Stay motivated and clear minded with Good Day Chocolate Energy and Calm!

Grab Life by the Horns! May 14 2016

Today is a GOOD Day May 13 2016

For a GOOD Day! 

Make your day a GOOD one with our chocolate supplements Energy, Calm and Sleep. We'll help you stay energized AND clear-minded throughout the day and sleep like a baby at night:

When Nothing Goes Right... May 11 2016

Go to be with a dose of Good Day Chocolate Sleep. Everything always looks better in the morning.

Y'all Gunna Make Me Lose My Mind May 10 2016

Good Day Chocolate Calm. For the days when your theme song is "y'all gunna make me lose my mind up in here, up in here."

We Love You, Moms! May 08 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Spring Fever May 06 2016

When spring fever hits, turn to Good Day Chocolate Calm!