Dr. Andy’s Desk: Learn More about Good Day Chocolate's Partnership with Smile Train

Dr. Andy’s Desk: Learn More about Good Day Chocolate's Partnership with Smile Train

If you’ve been here for some time, you know that happy faces are part of our DNA here at Good Day Chocolate. My friend and co-founder, Simeon Margolis, created Good Day Chocolate with me to ensure we’re delivering supplements that provide health benefits and relief to the entire family with a hearty dose of joy (in the form of delicious, high-quality chocolate!). 

Since we started Good Day Chocolate, our goal has been to spread smiles on a larger scale, which is why we are proud supporters of Smile Train.

Did you know? 

1 in 700 babies are born with a cleft lip and/or palate globally. Cleft palate's can cause difficulties speaking, eating, breathing, and if left untreated, even hearing.

Who is Smile Train? 

 Smile Train is an incredible organization that provides life-changing cleft palate repair surgeries. In fact, they are the world’s largest cleft-focused organization, and use a sustainable and localized approach to supporting surgery and other forms of essential care.

Over the past two decades, Smile Train has supported safe and quality cleft care for 1.5+ million children, and they’re dedicated to continue providing that care and access. And as corporate partners of theirs, we’re dedicated to their mission, too.


How does Smile Train work? 

Smile Train operates by deploying local staff and in-country volunteers to share information about Smile Train’s services, and that clefts can be treated at no cost to the family at a local hospital.

Smile Train also provides training and financial support for the treatment of clefts, which enables medical professionals with the tools needed to perform the surgeries and comprehensive care, including post-procedure therapies, nutrition, and orthodontic care. 


Is Smile Train a Good Charity?

 Charity Navigator, a well respected charity watchdog group, has rated 100 out of 100 for its overall score, which factors in effectiveness as an organization, what percentage of its funding goes to charity, and its overall accounting credibility.  


As a facial plastic surgeon, myself, this partnership made perfect sense to me as we began this journey and examined how we could spread joy to kids worldwide. Because everyone has the right to a beautiful smile. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Smile Train or contributing, please visit www.smiletrain.org.