Dr. Andy’s Desk: How Good Day Chocolate Supplements Work in Harmony

Dr. Andy’s Desk: How Good Day Chocolate Supplements Work in Harmony

Supplements that Complement One Another

“What happens when I take two different Good Day Chocolate formulas together?” 

That’s a question we often receive, so today, let’s take a closer look!

To start, allow me to introduce our lineup. In addition to our Kids’ Chocolate Multivitamin, we offer three categories of supplements:

  • Our Sleep Chocolate line includes chocolates with 1mg, 3mg, or 5mg of melatonin. Each of these also contains soothing chamomile to promote better sleep. We also recently introduced a non-melatonin sleep aid, our Valerian Root Chocolate formula, for children. This blend includes L-Theanine, a powerful amino acid that helps one feel calm and relaxed.
  • Our Calm Chocolates include L-Theanine, chamomile and magnesium, helping with restlessness, anxiety and promoting calmness. We have Calm for Kiddos, too!
  • Our Energy Chocolates have 20mg of caffeine, green tea, and B vitamins in every piece (four pieces are equivalent to one cup of coffee). This blend gives you that much-needed boost without the jitters.

So now that we know what we’re working with, here’s how they work with one another.

Calm + Sleep Chocolate Supplements

If you’re the type to stress about your never-ending to-do list right before bed, or if you battle anxiety, the Calm + Sleep combo can do wonders for a good night’s rest. 

We like to say our Calm supplement is like taking a series of (delicious) deep breaths, and we credit L-Theanine for that soothing effect. L-Theanine is naturally occurring in herbal teas, and studies have shown that L-Theanine reduces stress and anxiety in individuals experiencing stressful situations.

Timing-wise, taking 2-4 pieces of Calm around the always-hectic dinnertime or a few hours before you begin your bedtime routine can help ease your tension and stress as the day winds down. (P.S. Calm chocolates don’t cause drowsiness, so if you need stress relief earlier in the day, they’re great for that, too!)

Then 20-45 minutes before bed, enjoy your desired amount of our Sleep supplement. Take a look at our “Sweet Sleep Cheat Sheet” to see how much melatonin may work best for you.

With Calm easing your mind and Sleep easing you into slumber, this duo is an excellent way to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Valerian Root + Melatonin Chocolate Supplements

You may also be wondering if our Valerian Root and Melatonin supplements can work together, and they certainly do! 

Similar to Calm Chocolates, Good Day Chocolate Kids Valerian Root Sleep contains L-Theanine, which helps calm the body. Add Valerian Root extract to the mix, and this formula increases sleep drive, alleviates anxiety and tension, and helps little ones' transition to slumberland.

It’s highly safe to combine our Valerian Root Supplement with our Melatonin one, too. You can read more about how they work hand-in-hand here. As always, we encourage you to consult with your child’s physician before using any supplement. 

Energy + Calm Chocolate Supplements 

“Energy” and “calm” seem like antonyms but when it comes to our chocolates, they actually work really well together, and here’s why…

Our Energy Supplements contain caffeine, as well as B-vitamins and green tea. Since some individuals are more sensitive to caffeine, our Calm supplement helps take the edge off of that caffeine “buzz.” 

The best part, though, is that Calm doesn’t dull the energy-promoting effects of the Energy Supplement. In fact, a study suggested that when paired with caffeine, L-Theanine (found in our Calm Supplements) increases focus and attention, and participants reported that they felt more alert and less tired in general. Win-win!

When it comes to how much to take of each, consider that one piece of Energy is equivalent to a quarter cup of coffee. We always suggest starting with one or two pieces of our chocolates and seeing how you feel, knowing you can control the amount as needed. And remember, Calm doesn’t cause drowsiness, so you can enjoy this combination even early in the morning.

At Good Day Chocolate, we’re all about creating supplements that work with you and with one another, no matter your mood. Tell us: what is your favorite Good Day Chocolate combo?