Energy Drinks vs. Good Day Chocolate Energy

Energy Drinks vs. Good Day Chocolate Energy

Since you’ve become an adult, are you constantly hearing “energy reserves are low” from your inner robot? You’re not alone! With our modern lifestyles, trying to prioritize our families, work, maintaining friendships, and somehow fitting self-care in the mix, too, we’re pulled in different directions on a regular basis, and

Energy Drinks

It’s no surprise many folks reach for an energy drink when they’re feeling the need to power through that next task. After all, the hope of regaining the energy of a six-year-old – now in a convenient 12-ounce can! – is hard to resist.  

The energy drink industry is estimated to be worth more than $84 billion by 2025. But what exactly is in these energy drinks? No “bull” – there are some “monsters” of ingredients in many of them, and that doesn’t “amp” us up even a little bit.

Energy Drink Ingredients 

Without naming names, the main ingredient after water in many energy drinks is sugar. In some cases, a can of an energy drink can have even more sugar (41 grams) than a can of soda (39 grams). High-sugar drink consumption has been tied to obesity, cardiovascular disease, increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, and more. Excuse us, just thinking about that much sugar makes us want to go brush our teeth.

Sugar aside, another common ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine! Caffeine is a star when derived from natural sources and taken in appropriate amounts. It not only increases alertness and energy, but it can have other benefits like improving memory, reaction times, and ​​may help prevent Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and liver disease.

The Amount of Caffeine Matters 

“Appropriate amounts” is the key phrase here! Most energy drinks contain at least 160 mg of caffeine, and some have up to 500mg (for reference, a cup of coffee typically contains 80-100mg of coffee). Eek! 

Consuming too much caffeine from any source (especially if you’re sensitive to its effects) can have unpleasant effects, like heartburn, or much more serious effects like anxiety, insomnia, heart problems, higher blood pressure, and in rare cases, cardiac arrest or seizures

Many teens seek out energy drinks, too (ah, remember those late-night cramming sessions of yore?). Emerging evidence has tied energy drink consumption with negative health consequences in youth – including poor mental health, adverse cardiovascular effects, metabolic, renal, or dental problems. Not worth the straight-As, kids.

TLDR: If you subscribe to the belief that you should treat your body like a temple, energy drinks should be left outside said temple. 

A much more controllable and natural way to get the energy boost you need is with our Good Day Chocolate Energy supplements! 

We strive to provide clean treats that deliver what they say they will. 

Each piece of our Energy Chocolate contains just 2g of sugar and 20mg of caffeine from natural green tea – no synthetic caffeine here! 

We added B vitamins and amino acids to give you a smooth boost without the jitters. Plus, they’re made with Fair Trade dark chocolate, and the candy coating coloring comes from fruits and vegetables. 

We’ve had tons of happy (and energetic!) customers – reformed energy-drink addicts – tell us how much better they feel after making the switch from their can-a-day habits to Good Day Chocolate Energy. This one, in particular, gave us all the feels:

"I'm So Grateful: absolutely love the energy chocolates from good day chocolates. I was drinking 3-4 red bulls a day due to being a single mother of 2 and working as a line cook in a restaurant. I chew up 1 chocolate in the morning and that gets me through till I get to work and eat another for all the food prep and food I make through out a 10 hour shift. I was drinking too much red bull and became dehydrated. These chocolates have literally saved my life. I no longer drink red bull at all. I'm so thankful for these chocolates. They truly do work and I don't crash  from them either like I did with red bulls. I even have co-workers who choose these chocolates over energy drinks now as well." - Leah


Since you can control the amount of caffeine in our chocolate, this makes it safer for teens to consume, too. We also recently shared how our Energy supplements can be used for ADD/ADHD. As always, please consult your child’s physician prior to administering any new supplements. 

So next time you need a boost, may we suggest you can the can and reach for a clean treat instead? We promise it’ll be love (and lasting energy) at first bite!

Please consult with your physician prior to taking any new supplements.