Five Calming Activities for Kids…That Don’t Require Tons of Prep or End with a Huge Mess!

Five Calming Activities for Kids…That Don’t Require Tons of Prep or End with a Huge Mess!

As we’re approaching the end of the school year, parents all over the country are wondering: “Whaaaat am I going to do with my children all day during the summer?!” Going from the routine of the school year to a more relaxed summer schedule can be rough – not just for you, but for those little ones, too! If you’ve ever found yourself screeching: “Calm down!” to your kids, this list is for you (because when in history has telling someone to “calm down” ever worked?).


No matter what age your children are, we’ve gathered a list of five low-prep activities to have in the back pocket of your summer jorts. Take a look!


Calming Activity #1- Snack Time

Is there ever a wrong time for snacks? Nope! On a weekend or at the beginning of the week, prep some healthy snacks that are ready to serve up when you sense a hanger attack coming on in your kiddo. Think: cut up bell peppers, fresh berries, cheese sticks, apples + peanut butter, energy bites, or mini muffins. 


And here’s a little hack that will have them quiet for a heavenly five minutes, minimum: try dishing them out in muffin tins or multi-compartment containers (vitamin containers or chip + dip trays work, too). 


For the days that you need some *extra* calmness in your life, or when you need something tasty to bribe them with,add a few pieces of our Kids Calm to the mix! These decadent bites of chocolate contain just 2g of sugar per piece, chamomile flower, and a natural amino acid called L-Theanine that helps your kiddos chill out without any drowsiness. They’re safe and we promise, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your kiddo’s mood shortly after! Curious about how Calm worksRead more from our very own Dr. Andy.

Calming Activity #2 - Take it Outside

Whether it’s a drizzly day and you have to bust out the rain boots, or if it’s balmy and beautiful out, there’s just something about nature that has an almost-immediate calming effect – on all ages, really! Take the kids on a stroll around the block and have a nature scavenger hunt to get them more keyed in with their surroundings. Or, keep it to your driveway and bust out the sidewalk chalk to encourage some creativity. Another easy idea? Haul your magnetic tiles outside and blow your kids’ minds when you show them they stick to the garage door. 🤯


Calming Activity #3 - Dance it Out

Kids have an inordinate amount of energy, so when they’re bouncing off the walls and at each other’s throats, diffuse it with a dance party! Have a smart home device? Play the “Party Freeze Dance song” and watch them flock to the “dance floor.”


Calming Activity #4 - Kids-Themed Yoga

This one may be just as beneficial for you as for your kids: doing some yoga! Between physical movement and deep breathing, yoga is a great way to promote relaxation. There are a number of kids-themed yoga options on YouTube, or you could also try making up some of your own poses that look like favorite animals or characters. For instance, make like a sloth and get yourself a few blissful minutes of slow, quiet stillness!


Calming Activity #5 - Color me Calm

There’s a reason there are so many adult coloring books out there – coloring is a calming pastime for kids and grown-ups alike! Grab a coloring book you have with some pretty pastels or just freehand on a blank sheet of paper. Just make sure you make room on the fridge for your masterpieces!

In addition to these tips, curb the crankiness and craziness that lack of sleep can bring on by ensuring both you and your kiddos get the zzzs you need. If sleep is hard to come by in your house, consider a supplement like our Kids’ Valerian Root one for a non-melatonin alternative, or our melatonin Sleep supplements for kids and adults


Oh, and if you’re looking for some tips on how to calm yourself down, we got you! Take a look at our recent post on how to keep your cool as a parent in the most stressful of times. 


We hope these tips help! Visit us on social media (@gooddaychocolate) and tell us your best strategies to help your kids calm down and manage their energy and emotions.


As always, please consult your physician prior to taking any supplements.